Daisy Hill Farm Seedlings 2019

The air is warming up and the snow is melting. It’s (finally) time to really start planning for the garden this year!

Daisy Hill may be a small farm, but we grow a lot of seedlings! All plants are grown organically from seed or cuttings here at the farm in Acton. I use an amazing organic potting soil mix from Johnny’s selected seeds in Maine and the highest quality seeds (organic when available) from my favorite companies (all of which I HIGHLY recommend): Fedco seeds in Maine, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, also in Maine, High Mowing Organic Seeds in Vermont, and Seed Savers Exchange in Iowa.

Hop over to the online store to take a look at the seedlings available this year or peruse the old school pdf files below.

And just to get you inspired- here are some pics of a few of some fun things grown from seeds the last few years here at Daisy Hill.

Alaska Shasta Daisy
Sweet basil, Round Midnight basil and some awesome garden shoes.

Bouquet made from daisies, zinnias, oregano, cosmos, arborvitae

Green Zebra Tomato:

All sorts of peppers just hanging out

Tiffen Mennonite Tomato and New England Pie Pumpkin.  One is a bit small, the other a bit big.  I love this one.


Lettuce Mix


Thai Basil

Celeriac dancing around some sad carrots.  Focus on the celeriac.

Zucchini flowers (and fruits!)

Red Russian Kale, and one cute kid (completely unbiased observation).


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