Starting Seedlings Successfully Inside! Part 3 of 3: Caring for your Seedlings and Transitioning them to grow outside

Steps to successfully starting seedlings inside:  Choose what you want to grow and order it from your favorite seed companies. Find your planting zone (For example, I am in eastern Massachusetts and plant according to the Zone 6a dates).  Find the date that you can plant your desired plant outside (let’s use tomatoes as an […]

Hope in the midst of a miserable March

Early, cold-hardy plants that can be planted as soon as the ground thaws. Spinach, lettuce and other greens are especially excellent candidates for early Spring planting.  I planted some inside a week ago, and here they are today. They are in the chilly basement, on the brand new plant stand.  Happy in the fridge; not … Continue reading Hope in the midst of a miserable March