Why I cannot get enough of winter gardening.

Wait?  Gardening in the winter?  Yes!  And believe me when I tell you it is amazing. With protection, vegetables planted the previous fall grow until early December, rest and then grow again at the end of January.  Here is some of our delicious produce from February 2017 After experimenting with a walk-in unheated hoophouse last … Continue reading Why I cannot get enough of winter gardening.


I love seed catalogs

I love seeds.  This is not a surprise.  All growers love seeds.  They represent hope, they ARE hope, right in a tiny package. SO…..I bought a whole CRAP-TON of HOPE this year.  And I am not done, because this year I am in need of a crapton of hope. Seeds represent the futures, they are […]

From Teacher to Farmer

Hello! I am a large-scale organic gardener living in Eastern Massachusetts with my 2 girls, 6 chickens, husband and one acre of land. I am a former teacher and love growing, sharing, and eating delicious fresh food. Every day I feel super grateful to be such a lucky lady living in this place with friends […]