How to Build a Sweet Unheated Greenhouse in 10 steps.

1. Decide that you want a greenhouse. You  can grow crops earlier, later and bigger.  You can get cheered up in the winter. See my post Why I cannot get enough of winter gardening.  You can feel like a boss because you built a freaking greenhouse. Winter is long and cold here in Massachusetts and I … Continue reading How to Build a Sweet Unheated Greenhouse in 10 steps.

Part 2 of 3: Planning and Planting…..Starting Seedlings Successfully Inside!

Steps to successfully starting seedlings inside:  Choose what you want to grow and order it from your favorite seed companies. Find your planting zone (For example, I am in eastern Massachusetts and plant according to the Zone 6a dates).  Find the date that you can plant your desired plant outside (let’s use tomatoes as an […]

I love seed catalogs

I love seeds.  This is not a surprise.  All growers love seeds.  They represent hope, they ARE hope, right in a tiny package. SO…..I bought a whole CRAP-TON of HOPE this year.  And I am not done, because this year I am in need of a crapton of hope. Seeds represent the futures, they are […]