Starting Seeds Inside: 5 things NOT to do.

I have tried a number of different methods to start seeds inside and have made  few mistakes along the way.  I have tried growing seedlings in windowsills, under different sorts of lights, on heated grow mats, etc.  Here is that I have learned NOT TO DO:

  1. Do not spend your time making cute designs with your seeds.  Do not try to create a chicken image with a chopstick (see above).  This will waste your time and there are so many other things to do!   When you realize the hour you spent making your amazing rendition of a chicken in a mandela should have been used to actually plant seeds, you will cry.
  2. Do not attempt to grow happy seedlings on a windowsill.  They will not receive enough light, and they will be sad seedlings.  At first, you will be so excited because the seeds will germinate and grow.  BUT they will get “leggy”- meaning that the stem will grow extra long in an attempt to get the leaves to reach the light.  The plants will be weak and sad.  You will cry.
  3. Do not place your seed trays directly on your hardwood floor, they will leak and stain the floor permanently.  And your spouse will yell at you.  You will cry.
  4. Do not overwater the seedlings.  They will get fungal diseases and rot before your very eyes.  Your eyes will cry.
  5. Do not underwater your seedlings by “forgetting” about them while you do other things like get ready for your job, feed your kids or do laundry.  The seedlings will know you are neglecting them and before they dry out and die, THEY will cry.

Upcoming Post:  How to start seeds inside successfully.


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