Hope in the midst of a miserable March

Early, cold-hardy plants that can be planted as soon as the ground thaws. Spinach, lettuce and other greens are especially excellent candidates for early Spring planting.  I planted some inside a week ago, and here they are today.

They are in the chilly basement, on the brand new plant stand.  Happy in the fridge; not really a fridge, of course, but the unheated basement feels like a fridge right now.

Guess what?  The forecast says it will be above freezing today!  38 will feel like summer when I dig a path to the greenhouse this afternoon.

I admit it, I have been feeling discouraged this week.  It has been frigid, the snow is crusty with ice and the ground is frozen solid.  I am ready to dig, to plant outside, but can barely get through the icy snow, let alone to the frozen ground.  Like everyone around me, I am done with winter.

But, as with every miserable March that rolls around, there is hope.

The hope lies in the knowledge that soon sun will thaw the snow, the air will warm, the daffodils and crocuses that started growing weeks ago will continue and we will celebrate Spring.  The best time of year.

And for now, today, hope comes on a well-lit shelf. Below are salvia and the tiniest of tiny- marjoram- (on the right).  I won’t be surprised if some oregano and sage say hello by later today.



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